Youth Online Training

The law that governs Snowmobiling in New Brunswick is the Off-Road Vehicle Act. Changes to this Act in 2009 regarding training dictated that:

  • Anyone under the age of 16 must have Snowmobile Safety Training.
  • Underage riders must be supervised at all times by someone over the age of 19 who has also
    had the training.
  • Both supervisor and underage rider must carry the Snowmobile Safety Training Certificate with
    them at all times.

Unfortunately, it was difficult to retain a company who could do the training in a cost-effective manner, so the training that was required by law was not readily available. Until now.

Snowmobile-Motoneige New Brunswick, in our continuing commitment to safety, has
launched an online training course.

If you are 16 or older, the course is not required by law, however, it is full of invaluable information that any snowmobiler will find helpful. There is a Chapter educating about the parts, use and maintenance of a snowmobile. Detailed descriptions and pictures of safe riding and operating practices are useful for even the experienced rider. This course includes direction on how to choose each item of gear you will need and pre-ride snowmobile inspection procedures. Sections on Snowmobiler Ethics, laws and regulations, emergency preparedness and survival techniques round out the course.

You can find the course on our website at or the direct link is: The cost of the course is $44.95 and you can complete it online, in the comfort of your home, print your certificate immediately and hit the trails! Your certificate never expires, so keep it in a safe place and take it with you while you snowmobile year after year.

The course is very user-friendly, with interactive animations to make your training fun and engaging. 95% of students pass the course the first time they try, and you have unlimited tries with one fee. Instructors are available by phone or email if you need help along the way, and you don’t have to complete it all at once. You can stop at any point and log back in to work on it at another time.

Becoming a Safe Rider with a Training Certificate has never been easier, quicker, or more cost-efficient!

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