SMNB Snowmobile Trail Permit 2023

Due to material shortages, the trail permit decal was made differently this season. When peeling the decal off the sheet, be very careful to separate the decal from the backing. If the 2 layers are not separated, the backing may stick to the decal and become difficult to remove. It may be helpful to use a sharp instrument to separate the layers so that it peels off easier.

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NEW THIS SEASON – CHANGES TO YOUR ONLINE TRAIL PERMIT PURCHASE. NB RESIDENTS now have the option to: Renew their snowmobile registration

Permits on Sale

 SAVE 80 $!! – BUY BEFORE DEC. 15TH! Snowmobile Trail Permits are on sale at all Service New Brunswick outlets in the province

Know Your Club Number

SNOWMOBILE TRAIL PERMITS Due to a printer error, the map showing the club locations and numbers was not printed on the back