Snowmobiling season is coming, and we want to make sure that you have a safe  one when you cross Kings Landing’s property. We understand that snowmobilers  often access the Saint John River via the route at the corner of the old Prince  William Road past the Hoyt House. Please see the area map below with an asterisk  (*) indicating the recommended access point. This unwritten agreement has been  in place for many years.


We hope to be able to continue to offer this shortcut, but we kindly request  cooperation from all snowmobilers. In the past, we experienced snowmobiles  coming off the river at a couple of points and proceeding through the village itself.  While we understand that you may be simply passing through or wanting to see the  village under its blanket of white snow, we ask for your cooperation to not drive 

through the village itself day or night. Kings Landing, because of its location, is  subject to drifting snow, under which are many hidden hazards including but not  limited to: fences, walkways, boulders, protected gardens, etc. These hazards may  cause harm to you or your snowmobile, or both! In the past season, several new  fences have been installed, along with the movement of buildings and new signage  in areas where you may have safely crossed in previous years. It is for this reason  that we respectfully request you to refrain from snowmobiling in the village and to  use caution whenever on or near the property. We want to ensure safe access to the  river and an enjoyable snowmobile season, but we can only do that with your  cooperation. Thank you and have a wonderful winter season! Sincerely, The Kings  Landing Team 

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