Go Snowmobiling


Anyone who is currently a snowmobiler can carry out the Go Snowmobiling, Take a Friend campaign. Go Snowmobiling is a concept and an idea that simply works.

Riding with your children and family members also creates memories that last a lifetime and ideally create future generations into snowmobilers themselves. The Go Snowmobiling rides last winter left an impression upon those individuals that could only be accomplished when we rode, together.

You can leave an impression also, but only when you and someone you invite to Go Snowmobiling, ride together.

Like-minded people, those who enjoy motorcycles, boating, camping, RV’s, hunting, fishing and ATV’s are all outdoor enthusiasts. A huge benefit of snowmobiling is the opportunity to be outdoors, to enjoy our natural surroundings, and to see life from a different perspective than the day to day grind. Other activities accomplish the same benefits – the activity may be different but their benefits are similar if not identical.

Possibly you know someone who you can trade activities with. Let’s say that you often see them preparing to go camping or RVing. Why not ask them what their activity entails, where do they go, what is involved, is it easy to learn and why do they enjoy it? Possibly there is a way that you, your family or your friends could join them for a weekend and if they wish, you could reciprocate by taking them snowmobiling.

Research conducted by ISMA has proven what we (snowmobilers) thought to be true, people who are introduced to snowmobiling, and overwhelmingly want to snowmobile again. So, again Go Snowmobiling is a concept and an idea that works when snowmobilers take the initiative to take others snowmobiling.

We must stop assuming that people know how to snowmobile. We must begin to invite them, show them and ride with them. We must ensure that their first ride is simple, enjoyable, and secure.

Another benefit, almost all other outdoor activities are primarily based in the spring, summer and or autumn. For many people they do not understand or think of winter as a season that can be participated in or enjoyed as much as the other seasons. Many people do not look forward to winter because they simply have no recreational activity to participate in or look forward to.

For them, spring may mean fishing – being outdoors with friends, family and or buddies and at a lake or stream that only their fraternity (fisherman) ever really sees and enjoys. For us (snowmobilers), winter means snowmobiling, being outdoors with friends, family, and or buddies and on that trail or outlook that only our fraternity ever really experiences and enjoys. That is where you and they may differ, but be more similar than you first think. The experiences are the same, only the activities or seasons are different.

Your day with them is what they will regard snowmobiling to be. We have an opportunity to learn but more importantly impart our knowledge, experience and love of the outdoors in winter. Look for like-minded people – outdoor enthusiasts – you may have a new snowmobiler just waiting for you to take them this season.

Ross Antworth, NBFSC

For more information visit… www.gosnowmobiling.org