Good For Your Health

Go snowmobiling… It’s good for your health!

  1. A signifi cant portion of a typical snowmobile ride qualifi es as at least moderate-intensity physical activity. Try to get 150 minutes of exercise each week. (1-8)
  2. Physical activity performed by snowmobiling could help treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety. (1-8)
  3. Major depressive disorder is the second leading cause of global disability, and generalized anxiety disorder affects about 5% of Canadians. (1-8)
  4. A single bout of physical activity like snowmobiling on the weekend can have positive effects on mental health that last up to a week. (1-8)
  5. Physical activity performed outdoors and in the wilderness is more benefi cial to mental health than indoor physical activity. (1-8)
  6. Snowmobiling with friends or family can improve mental health by increasing feelings of support and distracting from worrying2 . (1-8)
  7. Learning a new skill, such as snowmobiling, can build self- confi dence and reduce feelings of anxiety. (1-8)
  8. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) most frequently occurs in winter. Performing physical activity via snowmobiling could be an effective way to combat the symptoms of SAD. (1-8)


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