President’s Message

Dave Garland, NBFSC President

President's Message

Fellow Snowmobilers & Stakeholders,

Our organization has seen several big changes in the last few years. The year 2022 was the 40 th Anniversary of organized Snowmobiling in New Brunswick. For the first 40 years, we operated under the name “The New Brunswick Federation of Snowmobile Clubs Inc.” (NBFSC).

For our 40th birthday, we decided to change it up and become more sleek and modern, now operating as “Snowmobile- Motoneige NB”(SMNB). With that name change came a new logo, that you will notice throughout this report. Finally, we also set up a new office, still in the Town of Woodstock, but more centrally located and in a much more modern building.

We are very pleased with the updates that have occurred in the past year to give us a fresh, updated look and feel! Though there have been a few changes, the foundation of our organization is the same as it always has been.

SMNB was founded by volunteers, who have formed (currently) 49 clubs and maintain over 8000 kms of snowmobile trails every year. It is always our goal to bring you safe, well-maintained and signed trails. Over the years we have received accolades from our counterparts all over North America that New Brunswick delivers such a high standard of trails.

It is a great source of pride that we are able to achieve this with a network of people who give their all for the love of the sport.