10 Point Safety Regulations

The Sledder's Pledge:

  1. I will never drink and drive a snowmobile.
  2. I will drive within the limits of my machine and my own abilities.
  3. I will obey the rules and laws of the state or province I am visiting.
  4. I will be careful when crossing roads, and always cross at a right angle to traffic.
  5. I will keep my machine in top shape and follow a pre-op check before each ride.
  6. I will wear appropriate clothing, including gloves, boots and a helmet with a visor.
  7. I will let family or friends know my planned route, my destination and my expected arrival time.
  8. I will treat the outdoors with respect.
  9. I will not litter or damage trees or other vegetation.
  10. I  will respect other peoples’ property and rights, and lend a hand when I see someone in need.
  11. I will not snowmobile where prohibited.


Snow Mobile Regulations

A snowmobile may not be operated within 7.5m (appx. 25′) of the travelled portion of a highway except to cross the highway or when necessary for loading or unloading purposes.

    1. Before crossing a public road, Stop, Look and Listen! If the way is clear then it is safe to cross.
    2. Snowmobiles must be equipped with lights, and it is recommended that they be turned on during daytime travel.
    3. Always drive on the Right-hand side of the trail.
    4. Any person who drives or is a passenger on a snowmobile must wear an approved helmet, securely fastened.
    5. Obey ALL signs posted along the trails.
    6. Snowmobiling while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is strictly prohibited and against the Law.
    7. Always travel in the company of other snowmobilers.
    8. Dress appropriately for the conditions; be adequately protected from the cold (and always consider “wind chill” factors!).
    9. Permission has been granted for use of the trails only. If you leave the trails, you may be trespassing!